Why You Should Donate To Emily’s House

"Although our bodies might be dying, our minds and spirits are fighting to live. I'm still a young person with wants, needs, hopes and dreams. I want to have fun and enjoy myself, do things people my age normally do, and I have plans and goals for the future."    –Lucy, living with a life-limiting illness

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The Need For A Children's Hospice Is Clear

Children with chronic complex conditions are a growing population.

It's Time… To See What's Missing

While Medical advances have enabled many of these children to live longer, there remains a gap:


It's Time… To Learn About Emily's House

Emily's House is Toronto's only hospice for children and families facing life-threatening illnesses.

At a glance:


Family Centered

In moments of grief and difficulty, Emily's House helps children and families find support.

Help Us Add Life To A Child's Years

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