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Summer Joy



We hope summer brought you moments of joy, like this Paw Patrol pillowcase did for a child at Emily’s House!


Therapy Dog Visits



When a young child received a visit from a therapy dog at Emily’s House, “It inspired the first giant smile, and the greatest responsiveness she had shown in several days.” Starting in September, Therapy Dog Visits will be offered weekly/bi-weekly.


Garden Memorial:  A Few Words from Emily’s mom



Lindsey shared: “Sunday afternoon. Memorial Gathering outside Emily’s House with many, many other families who have also lost a child sometime during the past nine years. Meaningful, thoughtful, gently led. Such an important sense of coming-together in community, to honour, to remember. Deep consolation of a fellow-grieving community. Each family was given a lovely plant to add to the garden, accompanied by a stone with our child’s name engraved on it. Tears. Laughter. Coming away with very full hearts.”


A mom’s hope on her grief journey: Cindy



A mom recently remembered turning a corner in her grief journey a few years back: “I was standing in front of the second-floor window of Emily’s House with (my daughter) Natalie. A place we liked to come because it was quiet, and Natalie could feel the sun on her face. I was feeling very helpless that day, knowing that Natalie wouldn’t be with me, sharing these moments, for very much longer. I remember being scared not knowing what my family and our lives would be like without her. It was such an overwhelming feeling. When I looked down, Ava’s family was gathering to honour her and dedicate the garden in her memory. I watched as her family gathered before the ceremony, and it was in that moment that I felt a tiny seed of hope. I was watching a family who had recently lost their child and they were still a ‘family’. They found a way through their grief to create something beautiful and meaningful to them to honour their child. Of course, I didn’t know how important this beautiful garden would become to many families, including my own. I did know though, in that moment, that it is possible to still be a family after grief. The pain is there but others will also be there, to share and help you with your pain. I have not missed too many gatherings at the Garden Memorial, but every year I make sure I sit where I can still see that window. It gives me great peace to see where I once was, and where I am today in my grief, and honouring my daughter’s memory.” 


Food Insecurity Threatens HIV/AIDS Medication Effectiveness



For individuals with HIV/AIDS on antiviral medications, a good diet is essential to withstand the harsh medications and side effects: “The medication eats your insides.” In times of crisis, PAC works with People With AIDS (PWA), and our own hospice volunteers who initiate food drives, to provide food relief. With adequate food, medication adherence, community resources, and support that is a phone call away, the journey with HIV/AIDS can be more manageable.
Photo: Our team met Dr. Theresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, at the 24th International AIDS Conference in Montreal this summer.





The Connection, a new newsletter, provides twice monthly updates on all the ways volunteers can connect to our community. In September, there’s: professional development on music therapy; opportunities to volunteer at Art with Heart (Oct 18); and, a need for volunteers at Emily’s House, and volunteer matches with community clients.


Emily’s House Medical Respite
Testimonials from Caregivers


“When [my daughter] is at Emily’s House, I know she is safe and looked after.… I probably should have taken some time for myself, but it felt good to just be a normal person again.”

“When you have a child in crisis, a few hours to focus on a baseball game, or a fun outing, can provide new energy to meet the challenge of their on-going situation.”


Supporting Caregivers:  
Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation



Thank you to Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation for donating to our caregiver supports. We are delighted to join this “Shine the Light” initiative: shining a light on this important issue today. The neon symbol, photographed here in our window is to generate awareness for those: “Who are quietly helping loved ones in our communities.”


Enbridge Fueling Futures Vibrant Community Grant: Featured Donor



Thanks to Enbridge for their donation towards new Social Worker capabilities integrated into the Emily’s House core team, which are already having a positive impact for our families.


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