Spiritual and Bereavement Care Program

Professional spiritual/bereavement care is available for clients and their loved ones to help process concerns and to facilitate, explore and strengthen their spiritual journey. Spiritual and bereavement care is attentive to needs related to values, meaning, purpose, relationships, life, death, loss, grieving and faith. Listening, understanding and a supportive presence can reduce isolation and anxiety and promote relaxation and peace. For all clients, during the unexpected times of upheaval and change you may experience anxiety, doubt, questioning, feelings of being uprooted, and alone.  Spiritual care is an integral part of hospice palliative care. It is a universal yet unique dimension of every individual that longs for connectedness, meaning, purpose, dignity, love, peace, acceptance and hope. Spirituality can be expressed within the context of a faith in God/higher-power or religious traditions; or reflected in many other ways, such as in relationships, gardening, music and nature. It is about how we make sense of the world, how we connect to ourselves, to each other and to our universe.

Spiritual care is available for clients and their loved ones to help process concerns and to facilitate, explore and strengthen them on their journey.

♦  A spiritually supportive, non-judgmental, listening and caring presence where emotions and questions can be openly expressed 

♦  Exploring the meaning of life, death and afterlife 

♦  Offering spiritual direction and encouraging a sense of spiritual wellbeing 

♦  Hospital and home visitation 

♦  Offering traditional Christian faith rituals when requested: i.e. reflecting on faith, God, scripture readings, music, prayers and sacraments 

♦  Facilitating referrals to appropriate faith traditions 

♦  Responding to concerns relating to loss and grief 

♦  Legacy work 

♦  Planning and officiating funerals and celebration of life services 

♦  Monthly support groups, one-on-one counselling and volunteer visits are also offered to persons living with HIV/AIDS.

The Chaplain and/or spiritual care volunteers are committed to respecting each person’s unique spiritual journey, faith or non-faith practices, understanding that spiritual needs and expressions vary.

Testimonial – from a community client: “I started to see love, rather than hurt or danger, and learned the meaning of trust. The past no longer was a minefield of pain and struggles but a source of deep knowledge.”

Testimonial – from a client’s sister: “I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of our family for being there until the end. Thank you for bringing the strength of faith back into my brother’s life. He is finally resting.”


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