Return to Paediatrics: COVID-19 Phase 1 Update

In response to COVID-19, Emily’s House temporarily made eight of our paediatric beds available for adult palliative patients, to build capacity in the GTA for COVID-19 patients.  

We are now in Phase 1 of our re-introduction to all things paediatric.  It truly has been an incredible experience to care for adults, and I commend our team for their excellence in care.  This has certainly been noticed by patients, families and the Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) team. 

Dr. Kevin Workentin, Family Practice, Complex Continuing Care (div). Physician, (MGH), wanted our staff to know that he was very impressed with the level of skill and compassionate approach to care.  He repeated several times that the care his patients received was exceptional.  And perhaps even why these precious patients are now living much longer.  Kevin also wants us all to reconnect in a more social way, once we get clearance to gather again, to celebrate our successful interim partnership.  We will also be doing a debrief with Kevin and his team, as well as a formal evaluation is being created.  Thank you to the Emily’s House team! You shine like stars in the clear night sky!  Thank you Patty Malloy and Dr Adam Rapoport for clinical leadership in helping us navigate through this. 

Please see note below from Adam to our team:

“I am so proud of our organization and our staff for making the brave decision to lend a hand to our adult colleagues during the height of the pandemic. It may have looked easy and effortless, but the truth is our success was the result of hard work and commitment from all staff. During a recent conversation with Dr. Workentin, Medical Director of Michael Garron’s Palliative Care Unit, I couldn’t help but beam from ear to ear as I listened to him gush about the positive experiences of his patients, their families and the MGH medical team. Looks like we’ve set a new bar for adult hospice!

Despite our success with adults, now is the time to start returning to our true passion – the kids. Many of our families are in desperate need of assistance. This too won’t be easy; the world has changed and our families are frightened. But we are determined and focused on finding a safe way to get back to caring for their most prize possessions.” 

The road ahead will have challenges but I am confident we will meet them together to ensure safety, trust and a caring environment. 

Rauni Salminen

Chief Executive Officer
Philip Aziz Centre – Emily’s House