“Odd Sock Ollie”

Odd Sock Ollie


“Bringing Ollie to Emily's House was one of the hardest decisions of my life.

When you are in the storm that is the beginning of the end of your child's life, every decision about their care just carries so much more weight. You want to be sure they are comfortable and able to do whatever they can that gives them even a small amount of joy. 

We decided to come here because realized that the best way for us to ensure that we could give Ollie that comfort and some measure of happiness, was to allow ourselves to be cared for also. Only then could we focus exclusively on being Ollie’s parents for what little time we had left with him.

The staff here gave us that care and thus the opportunity to have what we might not have had at home, or in the hospital. They supported our family during our most difficult days, in the most meaningful way.

That is why Emily's House will always occupy a special place in our hearts. Thank you … to everyone who contributed in order to help Emily's House, and families like ours.”

~ Odd Sock Ollie’s Mom, Laura Muirhead