Music Makes the World Go Round:

Music Therapy is available year-round for PAC Community Program and Emily’s House Children’s Program Clients

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Philip Aziz Centre (PAC) community and Emily’s House children clients of all ages participate in our flourishing Music Therapy Program, where the primary goal is to improve quality of life.  Weekly sessions are planned to meet individual client needs, whatever they are at a particular time.

Whether to uplift someone feeling sad or depressed, or to encourage an anxious individual to relax, music activities such as instrument playing, singing, songwiting and listening to music, are used to address these needs and allow them to express themselves in a safe and trusting environment. 

Testimonial – from a Music Therapy client’s parents:

“Our daughter attends one-on-one Music Therapy at Emily's House. We have started to hear her sing out loud to herself at home, which, as a parent of a child with complex special needs, is a joy. Since beginning Music Therapy, she is able to beat to the rhythm of the tune she's listening to.  We always felt that she would be able to learn if she could learn through song, and Music Therapy has shown that to be true.  She now knows all the words to many songs. It gives her a feeling of success, and she doesn't often get that opportunity elsewhere.”

Testimonial – from a Music Therapy client’s mom:

“Ellen's Music Therapy sessions have been a weekly blessing in our daughter’s life, and for the whole family. Somehow these sessions manage to bring us all to a focused and grounded place through Music Therapy.  I thoroughly enjoy singing along with her, and, on occasion, my younger daughter has also participated. Ellen has an incredible ability to always play appropriate songs. The therapy is intended for our daughter, however, the whole family benefits.”

For more information on Music Therapy or any of our hospice programs and services for children, adults and families, please contact us at:  416-363-9196, or