How You Can Help: Gifts Needed (First Draft – not used)


Thank you for your interest in helping!

Make miracles out of minutes for children and adults with a life-limiting illness, and entire families in crisis.

Give the gift of hospice:

$25 – Music Therapy / Recreation:  A $25 gift could be the equivalent of one hour of Music / Art Therapy or Recreation Programming for a child or youth. Really, this is a gift of joy!

$50 – Outings / Adventures:  A $50 donation could enable a community outing or adventure (i.e., movie, excursion fees plus wheelchair accessible transportation for needed respite).

$75 – Grocery Gift Cards / Benevolent Fund:  Over 50 families in our programs experience financial insecurity, and welcome practical support, like food and gas. Gift cards are always needed. A donation of $75 could purchase three gift cards.

$100 – Support for Families / Individuals:  To encourage improved mental health and wellbeing outcomes, our psychosocial supports include patient advocacy, counselling, facilitated groups, grief / bereavement, spiritual care and referrals for specialized care.  A $100 donation could impact an entire family!

$300 – Volunteers:  A donation of $300 could train one new hospice volunteer to provide compassionate care, companionship and / or play. Our Volunteer program supports children, adults, families, food / groceries, gardening, transportation, and helps augment other critical hospice care delivery. (For more information on our Volunteer Program, visit:

$500 – Legacy Work:  Legacy work is a cornerstone of paediatric palliative care. Families can choose from a range of activities, events and keepsakes that we customize to the memory of their child, with lasting therapeutic / healing benefits. The cost of Legacy Programming to support one family at Emily’s House averages $300 to $500.

$1,000 – A Day of Care at Emily’s House:  A Day of Care at Emily’s House children’s hospice includes 24 hours of physician-supervised clinical care in our hospice home, recreation, and quality-of-life therapies for a child with a life-limiting illness and complex care needs, plus in-house supports for the entire whole family.

$5,000-$500,000+ – Medical Equipment / Resources (Annually): The Emily's House Clinical Program is the main “lifeline” of our palliative care programs at approximately 61% of our annual operating budget.  Beyond doctors, nurses and clinical care staff, the program budget includes medical supplies, medical gases, acquisition / maintenance of adaptive equipment that makes the bedrooms and facilities accessible for children and youth with limited mobility and complex medical needs, and high-quality controls to minimize risks to our vulnerable children clients. 

$_______ Any Amount of Your Choice:  When you donate a gift of any amount of your choice, it will be directed where the need is greatest.



 Special Categories of Giving:

Seasonal / Ava’s Fund:  An updated Wish List of toys / gifts for the Holiday Season is posted annually to our website as part of Ava’s Christmas Fund in October to help focus and motivate company, employee, student, and small group holiday gift drives. 

Capital Assets / Special Project:  Donations are welcome to help equip our frequently evolving COVID-19 crisis response.  Otherwise, no additional special project or Capital Asset purchases are planned this year for which we have not already received a funding commitment (Apr 1/20 -Mar 31/21).

Leave a Legacy/Bequest Gifts: Leaving a legacy or planning a future donation (i.e., bequest giving) is easy to do. When a charitable organization is written into your Will, there is no cost to you during your lifetime, and the unique tax advantage can ease the tax burden on your loved ones. If you choose to plan a donation to us, please be comforted by the knowledge that at some future date, your forethought will help us deliver hospice services to children, adults and families dealing with the challenges of a life-limiting illness. If you plan a donation to Philip Aziz Centre / Emily’s House, we would appreciate it if you would inform us of your intentions so that we can thank you appropriately. 


Donate now at: 

To be reminded of the kind of impact your support makes – for children and adults with a life-limiting illness in your community, as well as their families:


Please donate today. Your gift will immediately translate to priority hospice care – for children, adults, siblings and caregivers. When barriers are managed well, children, adults and families have access to family time, making new memories, new quality of life, and psychosocial supports.  They have an opportunity to embrace the gift of each day.

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