Hospice Services

Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care (PAC) and Emily’s House provide respite, practical, emotional, spiritual and bereavement support to people living with life-limiting illnesses in the comfort of their own home, or in Toronto’s first paediatric residential hospice.  Our programs support children, adults, caregivers, siblings and survivors at no cost to you.  Our professional staff and carefully screened and trained volunteers provide non-medical care which is integrated into a care team plan provided by a professional health care team. 

Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care:  Community Hospice Services – for all ages    

At Philip Aziz Centre, we understand that whether you or a loved one is living with the challenges of a life-limiting illness, the process can be difficult and stressful and no one should have to manage alone. You should have the option to receive care and support in the comfort of your own homes if possible. Hospice can help make this happen by offering a variety of in-home supports, for adults and / or children with a life-threatening illness, caregivers, parents, siblings or loved ones.   With 25+ years of service, you can trust Philip Aziz Centre to care for you.  Services are provided in the client's home and may include the following:

♦  Practical care

♦  Respite care

♦  Emotional support

♦  Respite for caregivers

♦  Accompaniment to medical appointments/treatments

♦  Assistance with errands and daily activities

♦  Companionship

♦  Spiritual/bereavement support

Children’s and Families Program (PAC)

Specially trained volunteers and staff are equipped to support children and their families whose lives are impacted by a life-threatening illness. Children’s volunteers provide care for an ill child or their sibling(s), a break for parents(s) and a safe place for children to play, learn and explore their feelings, fears and hopes while supporting the family in maintaining a sense of normal routine.  Included in this program are:

♦  Outings such as movies, baseball/basketball games, visits to park, zoo, cultural events

♦  After school programs and funding for recreational programs in the community (such as after-school basketball, karate classes, horseback riding camp, dance and more)

♦  Volunteer support

♦  Volunteer support for medication adherence

♦  Spiritual and bereavement care


Children’s Play, Art, Music and Recreational Therapies Program (PAC and Emily’s House)

The children’s play, art, music and recreational therapy program helps remove barriers to enjoying a “normalized” childhood, for children with complex disease, disability and an underlying life-threatening illness. Depending on a child’s stage of cognitive and emotional development, these activities provide a healthy way to “work out” feelings (i.e., anxiety, excess energy, etc.), create a focal point for an active mind, and improve quality of life.  Using play, art, or music improvisations, a dialogue between a child and therapist occurs, allowing for the expression and release of emotions. Play, art, music, recreation and leisure experiences help children with physical, cognitive, social or emotional limitations make the most of their lives.  It can be an access point to reduced anxiety or pain, and to shared joy. This program can include:

♦  Using play, art or music to encourage a child to communicate, engage with others, process their internal world, and enjoy regular childhood experiences

♦  Participating in modified games / activities to enable children with complex disease and disability to participate as fully as they can 

♦  Music activities, singing, listening, song writing, instrument playing, and sometimes participating in a spontaneous “music band” experience with other children.


Emily’s House: A Special Place for Kids

Our children’s residential hospice also offers short-term medical respite, children’s play and recreation therapies (as mentioned above), and end-of-life care for children and youth (age 0-24 years of age).  For more information, please visit:  http://www.emilyshouse.ca