Emily’s House Summer Camp Program 2016 went for the Gold!

Camp 2016 Visual

July’s Emily’s House Summer Camp Program theme was “Around the World / Olympics 2016”!
Every morning the children were greeted with songs and dances, welcoming them as Emily’s House athletes, and readied for the travel and challenges planned for that day.  The children campers were brought to different continents each day by taking a plane ride.  When they arrived they were told about unique features and facts of each continent.

Crafts for our week centred on the Olympics, the children created:
Gymnastics ribbons
Sun visors 
Gold medals
Olympic rings
Head wreaths
Memory Books
Activities included:
Track and Field races
Obstacle course
Outings included:
The library 
Riverdale Farm
Riverdale Park

On the final day we had Closing Ceremonies, where each child was given an award, and created a memory book of everything they had experienced over the week.  All the children responded well and enjoyed the activities of the week.  The schedule was kept flexible to adapt to the needs of the children each day.  As always, we’re looking forward to the next camp session and more play!