Emily’s House Referral Videos Developed in Partnership with Sick Kids Hospital: Transitioning to Hospice, from Hospital or Home

Families want to clearly understand their options, particularly as they consider hospice respite programs and advance care for a child with complex needs.  They want to know where their child will be most comfortable, or most “at home,” while having all the needed medical supports at hand.

Families, who are managing an ongoing regiment of complex caregiving, would benefit from being familiar with the respite, transitional care, and symptom management supports that are available in a home-like environment like Emily’s House.

Other families, who are managing their child’s advanced care, often would prefer for this to occur out of hospital, but most continue to die there out of fear – fear of meeting new people at such a crucial time, and fear of leaving the SickKids doctors, nurses and clinicians who know their child.

To help address these issues, new Emily’s House referral videos have been developed to support, educate and familiarize families at times of transition.  These resource videos will help the multiple departments at SickKids Hospital and other referral partners to share the Emily’s House story with their patients.

In these videos, Dr. Adam Rapoport, Medical Director, of both Emily’s House and the Paediatric Advanced Care Team, SickKids Hospital, provides a powerful endorsement and introduction to Emily’s House programs and services.

It is thrilling to be able to respond to parent focus groups and feedback surveys with such client-centred solutions, with a care team partner such as the SickKids Hospital. This first project innovation to be rolled out in 2018, will help provide timely access to high-quality hospice care for children and youth, and their families.

For funding Emily’s House’s half of the project, special thanks go to a repeat leadership donor, who prefers to remain anonymous at this time.

Emily’s House Referral Videos Developed in Partnership with Sick Kids Hospital: Transitioning to Hospice from Hospital or Home:

Emily’s House Virtual Tour Video:


Emily’s House Respite Programs Video: 


Emily’s House Advanced Care Video: