Covid-19 Response Client Impact and Testimonials

Our Emily’s House children’s hospice “stepped up.” By committing to temporarily provide care for palliative adults, our team freed up eight hospital beds at Michael Garron Hospital for COVID-19 patients, reserving two beds for paediatrics from Sick Kids Hospital for end-of-life care. We also continued, through our Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care, to safely provide modified hospice supports for children and adults, including Music Therapy, Recreational, Respite, Social Work Support, and Bereavement Care, while responding to emerging client care needs in crisis.

To view the full report: Covid-19 Response Client Impact Report: Compassionate Palliative Care During a Pandemic, Emily’s House / Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care (PAC), March 15 – October 15, 2020:

Client Impact Highlights:

Total # of clients and immediate family members who benefited (Mar 15 – Oct 15, 2020) = 1,844


As part of our Covid-19 response, 357 volunteers served 5,000+ hours, and contributed the equivalent of $121,000+ economic value in hospice care supports in the GTA.

The sister of an adult patient wrote: “Emily's House took my sister in amid a world cruelly defined by COVID-19. The time my sister spent in Emily's House was made less frightening, and much brighter, because of all of you. Your smiles, your compassion, your gentle persuasions, the light-hearted moments you shared with her, the self-less care you lavished on her, these images enfold my heart, just as I wish I could wrap each one of you in an embrace of love and thankfulness that you could carry with you into your shining futures.”