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  1. Job Posting for Manager of Clinical Programs

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    Emily’s House/Philip Aziz Centre is looking for a Full Time Manager of Clinical Programs

    To Apply: Email Cover Letter and Resume to  

    Deadline: Tuesday September 8, 2020

    Note:  Emily’s House/Philip Aziz Centre thank all applicants for their interest. However, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

    Click Here to Download the job description

    Manager of Clinical Programs JD


  2. Virtual Toronto Hike for Hospice Partners – Join Team Emily’s House / PAC – July 31 – September 12, 2020

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    Toronto Hike for Hospice Partners – July 31 – September 12, 2020
    $10 to register.  Additional fundraising is encouraged. Have a heart for hospice!

    Everyone eventually will be touched by hospice care – in their community, family, and in their own home.  We invite you to help us offer compassionate care and support for families in our community.  Come hike with us! Create a team!

    Hike Highlights:

    ♦ Virtual Hike in your neighbourhoods

    ♦ Special Mystery Virtual Photo Walks on Saturdays, from August 8 – September 5, 2020

    As part of this Mystery Virtual Photo Walk schedule we will be releasing 5 clues each week of the location of that coming Saturday’s Mystery Location.  The clues will be published on our social media accounts each weekday (Mon-Fri).

    ♦ PRIZES!!!  If you can guess the Mystery Destinations, and for Fundraising Efforts.

    Click Here to enter your guess for the weeks Mystery Destination!  

    Emily’s House / Philip Aziz Centre and Hospice Toronto have again joined forces, as Toronto Hike for Hospice 2020 Partners, to host our 18th annual Toronto Hike for Hospice Partners Virtually – to raise awareness and funds in support of GTA hospice programs. 

    Last year, our partner hospices provided:

    ► Visiting volunteer and direct staff support to almost 2,000 individuals in the GTA in need of hospice care

    ► Caregiver relief, respite, support and resources, including 65,000 volunteer hours

    ► Counseling and care support to individuals and groups coping with illness, caregiving or bereavement

    100% of all funds raised through Hike for Hospice Partners will remain in your community, to raise public awareness and ensure that hospice palliative care is available for people with a life-threatening illness or in need of end-of-life supports, and their caregivers and loved ones at no cost to them.

    The number of people impacted by our programs is increasing yearly. With Toronto's rapidly aging population, and adults and children living longer with complex illness, the need for compassionate, hospice palliative care and support to improve people's quality of life, and support their caregivers and loved ones, is greater than ever before.

    Hike for Hospice Palliative Care is a Canadian national fundraising event held across that brings together organizations working collectively in hospice palliative care to raise funds and awareness in their community.

    ♦ Only 16% to 30% of Canadians who die currently have access to or receive hospice palliative and end-of-life care services depending on where they live in Canada. Even fewer receive grief and bereavement services.

    ♦ Each death in Canada affects the immediate wellbeing of an average of 5 other people, or more than 1.25 million Canadians each year. (Estimate provided by the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association).

    ♦ Hospice palliative care programs allow patients to gain more control over their lives, manage pain and symptoms more effectively, and provides support to family caregivers.


    To Sponsor:                Please contact


    To Register:                                                                                                  


    To Donate to a Team or Hiker:                                 


    To download a Pledge Form for your fundraising: 


    2020 Toronto Hike for Hospice Sponsors: 

     Community Partner Sponsor:


    Sponsored nationally by:




  3. How You Can Help: Gifts Needed

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    Thank you for your interest in helping!

    Make miracles out of minutes for children and adults with a life-limiting illness, and entire families in crisis.

    Give the gift of hospice:

    $25 – Music Therapy / Recreation:  A $25 gift could be the equivalent of one hour of Music / Art Therapy or Recreation Programming for a child or youth. Really, this is a gift of joy!

    $50 – Outings / Adventures:  A $50 donation could enable a community outing or adventure (i.e., movie, excursion fees plus wheelchair accessible transportation for needed respite).

    $75 – Grocery Gift Cards / Benevolent Fund:  Over 50 families in our programs experience financial insecurity, and welcome practical support, like food and gas. Gift cards are always needed. A donation of $75 could purchase three gift cards.

    $100 – Support for Families / Individuals:  To encourage improved mental health and wellbeing outcomes, our psychosocial supports include patient advocacy, counselling, facilitated groups, grief / bereavement, spiritual care and referrals for specialized care.  A $100 donation could impact an entire family!

    $300 – Volunteers:  A donation of $300 could train one new hospice volunteer to provide compassionate care, companionship and / or play. Our Volunteer program supports children, adults, families, food / groceries, gardening, transportation, and helps augment other critical hospice care delivery. (For more information on our Volunteer Program, visit:

    $500 – Legacy Work:  Legacy work is a cornerstone of paediatric palliative care. Families can choose from a range of activities, events and keepsakes that we customize to the memory of their child, with lasting therapeutic / healing benefits. The cost of Legacy Programming to support one family at Emily’s House averages $300 to $500.

    $1,000 – A Day of Care at Emily’s House:  A Day of Care at Emily’s House children’s hospice includes 24 hours of physician-supervised clinical care in our hospice home, recreation, and quality-of-life therapies for a child with a life-limiting illness and complex care needs, plus in-house supports for the entire whole family.

    $5,000-$500,000+ – Medical Equipment / Resources (Annually): The Emily's House Clinical Program is the main “lifeline” of our palliative care programs at approximately 61% of our annual operating budget.  Beyond doctors, nurses and clinical care staff, the program budget includes medical supplies, medical gases, acquisition / maintenance of adaptive equipment that makes the bedrooms and facilities accessible for children and youth with limited mobility and complex medical needs, and high-quality controls to minimize risks to our vulnerable children clients. 

    $_______ Any Amount of Your Choice:  When you donate a gift of any amount of your choice, it will be directed where the need is greatest.



     Special Categories of Giving:

    Seasonal / Ava’s Fund:  An updated Wish List of toys / gifts for the Holiday Season is posted annually to our website as part of Ava’s Christmas Fund in October to help focus and motivate company, employee, student, and small group holiday gift drives. 

    Capital Assets / Special Project:  Donations are welcome to help equip our frequently evolving COVID-19 crisis response.  Otherwise, no additional special project or Capital Asset purchases are planned this year for which we have not already received a funding commitment (Apr 1/20 -Mar 31/21).

    Leave a Legacy/Bequest Gifts: Leaving a legacy or planning a future donation (i.e., bequest giving) is easy to do. When a charitable organization is written into your Will, there is no cost to you during your lifetime, and the unique tax advantage can ease the tax burden on your loved ones. If you choose to plan a donation to us, please be comforted by the knowledge that at some future date, your forethought will help us deliver hospice services to children, adults and families dealing with the challenges of a life-limiting illness. If you plan a donation to Philip Aziz Centre / Emily’s House, we would appreciate it if you would inform us of your intentions so that we can thank you appropriately. 


    Donate now at: 

    To be reminded of the kind of impact your support makes – for children and adults with a life-limiting illness in your community, as well as their families:


    Please donate today. Your gift will immediately translate to priority hospice care – for children, adults, siblings and caregivers. When barriers are managed well, children, adults and families have access to family time, making new memories, new quality of life, and psychosocial supports.  They have an opportunity to embrace the gift of each day.

    Please share with your friends!

  4. Return to Paediatrics: COVID-19 Phase 1 Update

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    In response to COVID-19, Emily’s House temporarily made eight of our paediatric beds available for adult palliative patients, to build capacity in the GTA for COVID-19 patients.  

    We are now in Phase 1 of our re-introduction to all things paediatric.  It truly has been an incredible experience to care for adults, and I commend our team for their excellence in care.  This has certainly been noticed by patients, families and the Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) team. 

    Dr. Kevin Workentin, Family Practice, Complex Continuing Care (div). Physician, (MGH), wanted our staff to know that he was very impressed with the level of skill and compassionate approach to care.  He repeated several times that the care his patients received was exceptional.  And perhaps even why these precious patients are now living much longer.  Kevin also wants us all to reconnect in a more social way, once we get clearance to gather again, to celebrate our successful interim partnership.  We will also be doing a debrief with Kevin and his team, as well as a formal evaluation is being created.  Thank you to the Emily’s House team! You shine like stars in the clear night sky!  Thank you Patty Malloy and Dr Adam Rapoport for clinical leadership in helping us navigate through this. 

    Please see note below from Adam to our team:

    “I am so proud of our organization and our staff for making the brave decision to lend a hand to our adult colleagues during the height of the pandemic. It may have looked easy and effortless, but the truth is our success was the result of hard work and commitment from all staff. During a recent conversation with Dr. Workentin, Medical Director of Michael Garron’s Palliative Care Unit, I couldn’t help but beam from ear to ear as I listened to him gush about the positive experiences of his patients, their families and the MGH medical team. Looks like we’ve set a new bar for adult hospice!

    Despite our success with adults, now is the time to start returning to our true passion – the kids. Many of our families are in desperate need of assistance. This too won’t be easy; the world has changed and our families are frightened. But we are determined and focused on finding a safe way to get back to caring for their most prize possessions.” 

    The road ahead will have challenges but I am confident we will meet them together to ensure safety, trust and a caring environment. 

    Rauni Salminen

    Chief Executive Officer
    Philip Aziz Centre – Emily’s House

  5. CEO Update on COVID-19 Response

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    Dear valued friends of Emily’s House and Philip Aziz Centre;

    We hope this note finds you and your loved ones well.   The last three months have been a challenge for everyone, especially for the most vulnerable in our communities. Here at Emily’s House and PAC, we remain committed to our mission and to serving our clients, residents and their families in the provision of essential services in our residential hospice; and in safe, modified ways, through our visiting hospice program in the community. 

    By committing to temporarily providing care for palliative adults, our team is freeing up eight hospital beds at Michael Garron Hospital for COVID-19 patients, and increasing capacity for care in the GTA, all while continuing to provide palliative supports both in our residence and community for children and their families. We have maintained vigorous infection control standards, from screening to PPE, to limiting visitors and essential services to protect the health and safety of clients, staff and volunteers.

    From psycho-social supports such as creative play and music offered virtually to families, to virtual camp experiences, to wellbeing outreach to our respite families and community clients, and peer-support groups via conference technologies, we have stayed connected in care. Our case manager, social worker and spiritual care practitioner have continued to be busy, advocating, coordinating and supporting the psycho-social/spiritual and bereavement needs of palliative individuals and their families. Our counselling team has also partnered with Hospice Palliative Care Ontario to provide support to Health Care professionals around the province in need. Volunteers are engaged in off-sight activities and weekly remote conference sessions on wellness and education, as well as keeping our gardens beautiful.  Our team has come up with some very creative and innovative initiatives: from the production of our daily YouTube programming, to backyard music and play therapy sessions and distribution of gift/craft packages for families.  As well, volunteers and community supporters have donated their time to make gowns and masks; and companies, service clubs and foundations have been generous in helping with COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funding

    As we move towards Phase 1 of returning to increased on-site services, and all things paediatric, we will continue to adhere to Public Health and Ministry guidelines, as well as our internal risk and infection policies and procedures.

    We want to thank all our community partners, volunteers, donors, stakeholders, and Board of Directors for their incredible cooperation, financial assistance and overall support. Our dedicated staff continue to “step up” and assist in these times of need with resilience, flexibility and resolve to help our health care system.  We are humbled by their level of commitment and dedication.   

    We are grateful for all your support and encouragement. It really does take a village. 

    Rauni Salminen
    CEO & Founder of Emily’s House / CEO Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care