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  1. How You Can Help: Gifts Needed 2022

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    Thank you for your interest in helping.  You can make miracles out of minutes for children and adults with life-limiting illness, and entire families in need of compassionate hospice supports. Please donate today.

    When you give the gift of hospice, your donation might translate into:

    Give the gift of hospice:

    $25 – Music Therapy / Recreation:  A $25 gift could be the equivalent of one hour of Music / Art Therapy or Recreation Programming for a child or youth. Really, this is a gift of joy!

    $50 – Outings / Adventures:  A $50 donation could enable a community outing or adventure (i.e., movie, excursion fees plus wheelchair accessible transportation for needed respite).

    $75 – Grocery Gift Cards / Benevolent Fund:  Over 50 families in our programs experience financial insecurity, and welcome practical support, like food and gas. Gift cards are always needed. A donation of $75 could purchase three gift cards.

    $100 – Support for Families / Individuals:  To encourage improved mental health and wellbeing outcomes, our psychosocial supports include patient advocacy, counselling, facilitated groups, grief / bereavement, spiritual care and referrals for specialized care.  A $100 donation could impact an entire family!

    $300 – Volunteers:  A donation of $300 could train one new hospice volunteer to provide compassionate care, companionship and / or play. Our Volunteer program supports children, adults, families, food / groceries, gardening, transportation, and helps augment other critical hospice care delivery. (For more information on our Volunteer Program, visit:

    $500 – Legacy Work:  Legacy work is a cornerstone of paediatric palliative care. Families can choose from a range of activities, events and keepsakes that we customize to the memory of their child, with lasting therapeutic / healing benefits. The cost of Legacy Programming to support one family at Emily’s House averages $300 to $500.

    $1,000 – A Day of Care at Emily’s House:  A Day of Care at Emily’s House children’s hospice includes 24 hours of physician-supervised clinical care in our hospice home, recreation, and quality-of-life therapies for a child with a life-limiting illness and complex care needs, plus in-house supports for the entire whole family.

    $5,000-$500,000+ – Medical Equipment / Resources (Annually): The Emily's House Clinical Program is the main “lifeline” of our palliative care programs at approximately 61% of our annual operating budget.  Beyond doctors, nurses and clinical care staff, the program budget includes medical supplies, medical gases, acquisition / maintenance of adaptive equipment that makes the bedrooms and facilities accessible for children and youth with limited mobility and complex medical needs, and high-quality controls to minimize risks to our vulnerable children clients. 

    $_______ Any Amount of Your Choice:  When you donate a gift of any amount of your choice, it will be directed where the need is greatest.


    Donate now at: 

    To be reminded of the kind of impact your support makes:


    With your help, children, adults and families will have access to family time, making new memories, psychosocial supports … quality of life.  They will find the opportunity to embrace the gift of each day.

    Thank you.

  2. 2022 Toronto Hike for Hospice Partners – Join Team Emily’s House / PAC – April 2 – May 1, 2022

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    Toronto Hike for Hospice Partners – April 2 – May 1, 2022
    $25 to register.  Additional fundraising is encouraged. Have a heart for hospice!

    Everyone eventually will be touched by hospice care – in their community, family, and in their own home.  We invite you to help us offer compassionate care and support for families in our community.  Come hike with us! Create a team!

    Hike Highlights:

    ♦ Sunday May 1 at Riverdale Park West in Cabbagetown, for a 2km or 5km hike in the scenic neighbourhood.  The event will also feature music, kids’ games, snacks and coffee, and a chance to get together with others.

    ♦As part of 20th annual Hike for Hospice, all registered participants are invited to take part in the 3 virtual activities leading up to our in-person finale hike.  Access our FAQ for further information.

    ♦ PRIZES!!!  If you are triumphant in a virtual event, and for Fundraising Efforts.


    Emily’s House / Philip Aziz Centre and Hospice Toronto have again joined forces, as Toronto Hike for Hospice 2022 Partners, to host our 20th annual Toronto Hike for Hospice Partners to raise awareness and funds in support of GTA hospice programs. 

    Annually, our partner hospices provide:

    ► Visiting volunteer and direct staff support to almost 2,000 individuals in the GTA in need of hospice care

    ► Caregiver relief, respite, support and resources, including 65,000 volunteer hours

    ► Counseling and care support to individuals and groups coping with illness, caregiving or bereavement

    100% of all funds raised through Hike for Hospice Partners will remain in your community, to raise public awareness and ensure that hospice palliative care is available for people with a life-threatening illness or in need of end-of-life supports, and their caregivers and loved ones at no cost to them.

    The number of people impacted by our programs is increasing yearly. With Toronto's rapidly aging population, and adults and children living longer with complex illness, the need for compassionate, hospice palliative care and support to improve people's quality of life, and support their caregivers and loved ones, is greater than ever before.

    Hike for Hospice Palliative Care is a Canadian national fundraising event held across that brings together organizations working collectively in hospice palliative care to raise funds and awareness in their community.

    ♦ Only 16% to 30% of Canadians who die currently have access to or receive hospice palliative and end-of-life care services depending on where they live in Canada. Even fewer receive grief and bereavement services.

    ♦ Each death in Canada affects the immediate wellbeing of an average of 5 other people, or more than 1.25 million Canadians each year. (Estimate provided by the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association).

    ♦ Hospice palliative care programs allow patients to gain more control over their lives, manage pain and symptoms more effectively, and provides support to family caregivers.


    To Sponsor:                Please contact


    To Register:                                                                                   


    To Donate to a Team or Hiker:                                 


    2022 Toronto Hike for Hospice Sponsors: 

     Community Partner Sponsor:






    Sponsored nationally by:




  3. 2022 Winter Memorial

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    Philip Aziz Centre and Emily’s House Winter Memorial 2022

    You can watch the memorial anytime – service, songs, poetry, remembrances, and candle lighting, in memory of children who journeyed with us. The presentation was originally live-streamed and is now available to watch on our YouTube Channel:

    Winter Memorial – Emily’s House / Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care

    Sunday, January 23rd at 2:30 pm

    Everyone is welcome. The program will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel:

    For those who are unable to join at that time, the Memorial will be available afterwards on our YouTube channel as well.

  4. Bereavement Support Group

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    Contact Sandy at the number provided.

  5. E-News November December 2021

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    Emily’s House / Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care
    E-Newsletter: November December 2021





    As of November 1st, Emily’s House @ Home (EH@Home) is building on our current EH residence programs by continuing to provide family-centred compassionate care to children (and their families) living with the challenges of complex, life-limiting illnesses, in the comfort of their own homes. Here’s an endorsement from Amy, Grace’s mom and member of the Emily’s House Family Council: EH@Home is such an exciting initiative by the Emily’s House team, bringing their knowledge, care and love right to doorsteps. We would have welcomed this program prior to our admittance from hospital, as our biggest fear before arriving at Emily’s House was the unknown. As soon as we arrived, we felt at ease, as the staff just radiate love and kindness, while having the training and expertise in caring for children. I think it is such a great program during a time of such turbulence and unknowns, when our biggest priorities are keeping our kids safe, and we don’t always feel comfortable taking them out of the settings we know. EH@Home brings everything right to you, with the people you already know or those who will be a part of your journey. The specialized training this team has in paediatric care – in both the respite and palliative areas – is second to none.  They gave us room to breathe and confidence in the decision and care we were giving to Grace. I couldn’t imagine having done it anywhere else.  Had we had the opportunity to first go home with Grace before coming to Emily’s House, it would have been incredible to have the same resources at home, and the same team transition with us.


    Allan’s Waves of Love



    While caring for Allan, our hospice team also cared for his family, as Allan’s brother wrote: “In my family’s moments of grief and difficulty, the Emily's House community and staff turned our last month with Allan into a time of healing and acceptance. Still to this day, a hole is in our hearts for the loss of my brother, but without the help of Emily’s house, it’d be much, much bigger.” More of Allan’s story is heading to donor mailboxes this month.


    PAC HIV Program


    “Everyone assumes that people with HIV/AIDS are fine because they have access to antiviral medication, but that’s not the case for everyone. Did I tell you my 21-year old client died of cancer?” Our program manager also observes new levels of client anxiety, fear, and depression since COVID isolation, and that clients are requesting additional one-on-one counselling supports. Some have lost their jobs, while others have refused to work or felt unsafe working.  It adds a complicating strain – for those living with HIV. Our Philip Aziz Centre Community Program for People of All Ages Living with HIV / AIDS or who are HIV-impacted provides hospice supports with thanks to leadership funding from FaithWorks, The Anglican Diocese of Toronto.


    Grief and Bereavement: expanding and serving



    Newly expanded Grief and Bereavement services are now available to the general public, new support groups are offered, and plans for a virtual Candlelight Memorial are in development. Contact: 416-363-9196, ext. 206 /


    Volunteer Program Impacts



    Our Volunteer Team is responsive to client needs, creative in hospice care delivery, and able to multiply resources to impact clients. Already this year, they have made invaluable contributions in so many ways. Learn more about volunteering:


    Scarborough Toyota Community Outreach



    Scarborough Toyota’s community outreach is impacting nineteen local charities, including our children and families. Thank you to Justin, the team at Scarborough Toyota, and especially to Dealership Owner, Pat Priestner.


    Donate Online  



    Now, more than ever, as parents are physically isolated at home, and often providing 24/7 care for a medically-fragile child, all hospice supports designed to relieve the strain and bring children joy are desperately needed. For palliative adults at home, phone check-ins, virtual groups, and home-delivery supports can be a lifeline. Your donation can be directed to life-giving hospice programs. To donate online, visit: Donation Page


    Keeping in Touch


      For more frequent updates, visit or follow us:


    How You Can Help


    Donate online today, and support compassionate hospice care in your community:  or


    Emily’s House / Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care, 558 Gerrard St E Toronto, ON  M4M 1X8. 
    To donate, visit: Thank you for having a heart for hospice!

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