2018 GTHLA Winter Classic for Odd Socks Ollie

The Second Annual GTHLA "Odd Sock Ollie" Winter Outdoor Classic Shinny:
in support of Emily's House/Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care

Let's show our continued support for our good friends Stuart, Laura and Jack Muirhead!

A (minimum) donation of $20 or more is your ticket to this two-hour hockey game.

The ice has been paid for by Epilogue Developments (my new company) and CTI Working Environments (Dave Turner's awesome office furniture supply company – thanks Dave!) in Ollie's memory.

Looking for four goalies (or two iron men) to split the time and 20-30 players to fill out the squads. Everyone is to bring full gear and a white (not grey, yellow or light blue) and a dark (preferably black or dark blue) jersey.

To register:  Please click button and donate $20 or more.