Hospice Services

Philip Aziz Centre’s (PAC) professional staff and carefully screened and trained volunteers provide non-medical care which is integrated into the clients’ professional health care team. Services are provided in the client's home and may include the following:


"I am writing to Philip Aziz to thank you for paying for my camp this summer and this summer was the best and I really want to go on a over night camp and my mom had a nice break and she really missed me. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything and I hope I have an even better summer next year." —From a young camper

Children and Family Programs

Specially trained volunteers and staff support children and their families by providing care for an ill child and/or sibling and a break for parents in a safe environment of trust and comfort – included in this program are:


Unlike adults, palliative children have wonderful POWERS!! Children can make you forget that they are palliative. 'A' taught the world around her more than it could possibly have taught her. I'm not sure which came first, the honest bravery or the cancer. She would be listening to J-Lo, practicing her dance moves with her cat!! Not a care in the world. She would forget….until she was unexpectedly out of breath and had to lie down…Then both of us would remember." Sara Hines